Ms. Terri Heaton joined Springsted in 2002 as a Senior Vice President, concentrating her efforts as principal advisor to cities and counties.  She serves clients in the Midwest, assisting them in attaining their financial goals through effective public finance, economic development, operational and structural alignment, investment strategies and developing strong human resource teams.  Ms. Heaton has over 30 years of experience in local government finance and economic development.  She has assisted issuers in developing unique and complex financings using tax increment, abatement, conduit debt, tax credits, Build America Bonds, (BABs), recovery zone facility bonds (RZFBs) and other funding structures for public and private development.  Ms. Heaton has assisted in the issuance of over 500 bond issues to finance government facilities, roads and streets, utilities, economic development projects, hospitals, theaters, community centers, civic centers, airports, transportation systems and park and recreation amenities.  Ms. Heaton currently serves as President of the National Association of Municipal Advisors (NAMA).