Public Power 

Our Public Power group provides specialized financial planning and debt issuance services for municipally-owned electric and gas utilities.  Municipal power entities have their own unique needs and objectives, different from those of other traditional municipal entities.  Our experience covers multi-entity municipal agencies with the added complexities regarding joint generation and purchased power, transmission and debt service liability sharing.  We have established relationships with the public power analysts at the rating agencies and can assist in the strategy for presenting your individual case.  Springsted is knowledgable of the financial impacts and capital requirements in effectively working with regulatory agencies and environmental issues.

Payments in lieu of taxes (PILOT) payments are often significant cash outlays and contentious.  Our independence and expertise in both municipally-owned utilities and their respective municipalities have permitted acceptance of our analysis of the pluses and minuses from both perspectives.  Springsted's experience and analytical tools permit us to develop a common platform of information from which the policy discussion can move forward.

Whether you are a large or small utility, our staff and services are designed to assist you in meeting the challenges of completing successful debt issuance programs through financial planning, debt structuring, regulatory action, credit quality and user group impacts.  Our independent advisory foundation ensures your utility receives advice and results in your best interest.